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Our specialty is beauty. It always has and will be. Twinkle Massage Center was born in place out of the wants of our customers for something more. We are one of the pioneers of beauty salons in place offering latest and exceptionally spread out treatments for your skin. We are specialized in Hair treatment, Skin treatment, and Bridal makeup, along with other numerous beauty treatments.

Twinkle Massage Center in Thane first customized service provider and has a solution for every one of your needs. You can hand pick from our many services for hair care, hair color, hair extensions, and beyond. Book an appointment for an assortment of hair treatments with one small phone call. The beauty provider has excellent options for L’Oreal and Matrix hair straightening/curling treatments, hair smoothening treatments and, hair spa treatments. The beauticians and hairdressers at Twinkle Massage Center are very well trained and have at least 2 years of experience. Our promise of making each experience one-to-remember for our guests is the thing that differentiates us.

Body Massage Center in Thane

Body Massage

Couple Massage Center in Thane

Couple Massage

Female to Male Body Massage in Thane

Female to Male Massage

Full Body Massage in Thane by Female

Full Body Massage

Why Choose Massage Parlour in Thane?

  • Ensured 100% satisfaction
  • Trained Experts - Min. 2+ long periods of experience
  • Background verification necessary for Beauticians
  • Best Brands - L’Oreal, Matrix, Add more
  • Flexibility to include services anytime
  • Customized attention, clean house post-service

The skincare specialists at Twinkle Massage Center are trained and experienced in giving the best beauty care. We offer all services like Skin care, Facials, Bridal Makeup, Waxing, Bleaching, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Cutting, Hair Treatment, Hair Coloring and Highlights, Derma Roller Treatment, Perming, Rebonding, Hair spa, Body spa, Skin Pealing at massage spa in Thane.

We believe that philosophy and design go together. Our aim is to inspire an emotion of pride and satisfaction in our guests while giving a quality service that is both memorable and personal. Our guests trust us with their hair and skin and come to Twinkle Massage Center for female to male body massage in thane in search of a place that would pamper them from head to toe. We strive to provide our services in a modern, open idea space outfitted with eclectic and up-to-date elements. But most of all, we strive for our customers to feel welcomed. It's been years we've helped make our visitors be their best self, every day of the year. We hope to continue fostering authentic and caring associations with them and are so pleased to be able to grow with them.

The beauty care experts at Twinkle Massage Center are known for pampering skin with an assortment of facials. You can select facials that help in removing tan, or you can go for one that adds glow. We are focused on giving sound hair care with our products that have little to no effects on the environment. We have many centers, like in Thane, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Goa. Visit us and see what your hair and you can do to improve the situation of Earth.

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Body Massage in Thane

Body Massage

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