5 Best Foot Massage Techniques for Relaxation and Pain Relief

Our feet need to go through a lot of tear and wear all through the day. You may have stood up in a queue for almost 2 hours; you may have walked a long way to find out the right place or else you may have stood at the research lab for long. All these say that your feet need a rest at the end of the day. And this can be achieved by a good foot massage. You can always visit our spa in Hyderabad to receive a relaxing foot massage. But this is not a very tough job and you can do it at home as well.

Here I have listed some best foot massage techniques. So, have a read and try to apply those to feel relaxed at the end of the day.

5 Best Foot Massage Techniques

1. Sweeping and Rubbing

It’s like a warm-up process in the foot massage technique. By rubbing and sweeping you can enhance the circulation process in the foot. This is very simple. First, hold your feet with one hand and then start massaging the foot surface with another hand. Move in one direction, do it for a few times and then change the direction to create a continuous flow. Do these technique several times and your foot will get warmed up automatically.

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2. Toe Rotation

Rotation of toes is another helpful way of toe massage. What you need to do is rotate each of the toe one by one in the opposite direction. You can also pull the toes individually in the upward direction. Another way of toe massage is to grasp them all together in one hand, pull upward and squeeze them slightly. It offers great relaxation.

3. Thumb Walking

Thumb walking is a very useful technique that provides you with great comfort. And you can feel it instantly. You need to use two thumbs together. Just alternately make your thumb walk along the side of each foot. You can also slide the thumb from top to bottom of each foot. You can actually feel that there is a tendon running through the sides of the foot.

4. Kneading

This is nothing but the uses of fist knuckles at the sole of each foot. Just like pressing dough, you have to do it. But, the foot sole is not that soft, so the pressure should be bearable. Use the fist knuckles to press the joint in the foot sole and then keep moving them in the forward and backward direction.

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5. Cupping

This is a very simple foot massage technique where you need to just cup the foot and then squeeze it with exact pressure. It relieves all the pain from the sole of your foot.

So, these are the 5 best foot massage technique that you can try at home. However, for more techniques, you can visit our Massage center in Hyderabad. We have several foot massage experts who will guide you the best way. A great foot massage at the end of the day relieves all the pain and tension. So, it is really needed.

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Get A Glowing Skin With These Massage Therapy


Get A Glowing Skin With These Massage Therapy

When we talk about the word massage therapy, we normally refer to the body massage and head massage. But, you will be surprised to know that our face too is equally benefitted from good massage therapy. It does not matter whether you choose to do it yourself or you love to visit a spa center for that. The result is more or less the same. Good massage therapy on the face enhances blood circulation thus it reduces puffiness, aging lines, wrinkles and helps you achieve radiant, glowing skin with time. Massage in Pune is very effective for the face. So, you can try it once.

Here I have shared some tips on facial massage. So, read the article and then you will learn how to do the face massage at home.

Do it at Home Facial Massage

  • First wash your both hands properly with handwash to start off the facial massage therapy.
  • Now, tap all over your face once with all the fingers. This is just like a warm-up before the massage is started. It helps to enhance the effect of massage therapy.
  • Now, apply some moisturizer all over the face. Start with your forehead. Place all the fingers on the forehead and move them in a zigzag Also, stretch them in the opposite direction. It will break down the tensed muscle on the face and will help you feel relaxed. Now start moving your fingers in a circular motion in the forehead. It will again release the tensed muscle.

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  • Next, you need to pinch the eyebrows with two fingers. Do this several times. It will enhance blood flow in the forehead and will also help in eyebrows growth.
  • Now, move to the eyes. Place your fingers under eyes and move them in the U direction. It will enhance blood flow and will reduce the puffiness.
  • Come to the cheekbones then. Move the fingers in the upward direction few times. Next, place your fingers in the jawline and stretch them in the downward direction until the collarbone. It will remove all the facial toxins, reduce stress and help you feel relaxed. Repeat these steps twice and it will really work wonder for your face. Even I do it at home twice a week and I am in love with my face skin.

Facial Massage Therapy at Massage Center in Pune

In case you have sometime in the weekend then I will also suggest you visiting a massage center in Pune to receive a good facial massage therapy. They offer different kinds of massage therapy to treat different face issues. Here i have shared a list of that so that you can choose the one that your face need.

Lightening Facial: If you are not happy with the skin complexion and aiming to have a better complexion, go for this one.

Healing Facial: This facial is best for all those who have regular acne and breakouts.

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Hydrating Facial: It is great facial massage therapy for the dry skin.

Rejuvenating Facial: Best for oily skin.

Age-Defying Facial: This facial massage therapy is best for those having a premature aging spot.

All these massage therapies are available in the Massage centre in Pune. So, it’s worth visiting their centre once at the weekend.

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Massage Therapies to Relax your Mind, Body and Soul

Massage Therapies to Relax your Mind, Body and Soul

I have found that one of the best ways to unwind after a long day at work is to take the help of therapeutic massage treatments from professional masseurs. If you are one among the majority of the population who are stuck in an endless stressful cycle between work and family, getting a regular massage in Mumbai can help you a great deal to relieve stress and tension.

How can good massage therapy help you?

Being practiced for thousands of years, massage therapies are known for their healing and stress relieving properties. You can choose from hundreds of professional options when it comes to Massage centers in Mumbai to get regular therapies and sessions. Here are some benefits you can enjoy from getting regular massage sessions:

  • Stress Relief– I have found that one of the best ways to de-stress your body and have a rejuvenating experience is to get professional massage sessions. Not only does your body feel relaxed and refreshed, but it is also a great escape from office tension and the fast-paced lifestyle for many.

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  • Get rid of muscle soreness, and pain- Deep tissue massage therapies from professionals is a great way to relax your muscles. This can help alleviate many problems like muscle pain, tightness, joint pains, etc. I used to suffer from constant muscle pain and stiffness almost every day. However, after getting regular massage therapies, I have noticed a significant improvement in my health.
  • Help heighten energy levels – On getting a good female to male massage in Mumbai, I have noticed that energy levels can be heightened and relaxed. Equivalent to meditation, good massage therapy can help your body get into a state of heightened consciousness and relaxation.
  • Muscle recovery – For peoples who have to perform physical tasks or labor every day, muscle soreness and stiffness become almost unavoidable. However, on getting regular sessions from professional masseurs, muscle growth and recovery can be boosted giving you more energy and comfort.
  • Helps improve blood circulation – With regular massage therapies, you can also boost and improve your body’s blood circulation. This can help you avoid many health risks and illnesses in the long run.

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To summarize, regular massage sessions have many associated benefits and advantages and they contribute positively to health and well being. Depending on your needs and requirements, there are many options and varieties to choose from when you are looking for professional massage therapy.

Therefore, you can get the best results on getting regular appointments from the best massage centers in Mumbai. Due to the rise in demand for professional massage centers today, there are many options available for you to choose from according to your convenience.

You can also book home or office appointments that can help you accommodate massage therapies into your busy schedules at your own convenience. To get the best results, it is beneficial to first go through reviews and customer feedbacks before choosing a massage centers. This can help you avoid shady and ineffective places that are just looking to make a quick buck.

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These 9 Massage Tricks Will Make Everyone Love Your Massages

These 9 Massage Tricks Will Make Everyone Love Your Massages

After a difficult day at the workplace, what you want is a relaxing massage. Before the days of aspirin, whirlpools and the heating pads, people used massage to soothe the sore muscles to gain relief. Indeed, massage is the most natural way to soothe the tensed and tired muscles. It can rejuvenate the whole body and induce a good night sleep. Massage is a way to pamper the body, manage stress and to arouse passion among couples. If you want to give your partner a relaxing and enjoyable massage, then here I give you the ways and tricks to drive him/her crazy. In any reputed massage center in Hyderabad, these 9 massage tricks are followed by the professionals.

1. Swedish massage can work up the entire body

Let your partner go crazy with your tapping, kneading and gliding strokes all over the body. I bet it is a wonderful way to relieve sore muscles, muscular tension or loosen the sore joints. You may use 5 basic strokes of Swedish massage just to relax the whole body and soothe the senses. Some of the strokes are effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration. Petrissage is the gentle lifting of muscles while in friction the fingertips and thumbs work in a circular motion to break the muscle knots. Vibration is a technique whereby the fingers are placed firmly on the surface of the skin or on the muscle and then the region is shaken for 1-2 minutes. Tapotement, as the name suggests, is the gentle tapping strokes to relieve the sore muscles.

2. Sports massage technique to meet the needs of an athlete

Sports massage technique helps to train better. Here the technique of massaging is almost the same as Swedish massage in Hyderabad. A slight modification is done to suit the needs of an athlete.

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3. Deep tissue massage to relieve muscular tension

Deep tissue massage is another popular massage technique which mainly targets the muscular tension. Deep tissue massage involves applying direct pressure, slower strokes and friction moving over to the grain of muscles.

4. Rolfing to realign the body and correct the posture

Rolfing is a technique to re-educate the body regarding posture. If the body posture is poor, it might lead to a variety of problems like headache, backache and muscle ache. Rolfing can straighten and re-align the body. The 10 minutes of Rolfing session may improve the posture of the person.

5. Traeger to release the body’s holding position

It releases holding patterns in the body with a gentle and rocking massage. This sort of massage is very much different from the conventional Swedish massage as it employs light and gentle shaking strokes.

6. Use aroma oils as they work wonders

When you massage the body, make sure you use aromatherapy oils for that work wonders. Your partner will feel great since the oil or lotion prevents friction between the body and your hand.

7. Use each and every part of your hand

Surprise your partner by using each and every part of your hand like the palms, the knuckles, the fingers and fingertips, the elbows. On the sensitive areas, you may use your fingertips while on the elbows use your stronger parts. Make massage interesting.

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8. Get feedback in between

Use the right strokes and apt pressure but don’t forget to ask for feedback. A massage center in Hyderabad aims to make the subject comfortable and so you should do the same.

9. Focus on the massage movements

When you give a massage, don’t think too much about the technique but rely on your instinct. Let this be the time or occasion of tenderness and give the best experience. Just glide your hands on the body and touch each and every inch of the skin.

The above tricks are followed in the best massage centers in Hyderabad I have visited. Female to male massage in Hyderabad is the finest way to give a unique and refreshing experience.

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A Complete Guide To Body Recovery And Mental Health With Massage Parlour Goa

Female to Male Massage in Goa

A good therapeutic massage is one of the best ways to heal your body naturally and promote overall health and well being. Today, people suffering from a  number of ailments such as mental stress, anxiety, muscle pain, stiffness, body pain, etc. all make the use of a good massage therapy to experience quick and long lasting results.

The therapy has been practiced for thousands of years in all parts of the world giving rise to a number of different styles and methods. However, the basic concept of the therapy remains the same. Depending on your need, you can sort through the different types of therapies available and choose the one that best suits your needs.

What are the main types of massages available today?

  • Swedish Massage – If you are looking for a good massage in Goa that can help you relieve tension and stiffness in your muscles, then Swedish massage is the right massage therapy for you. It involves deep circular motions, kneading and long strokes with light pressure. It is ideal for people who are sensitive to touch and are generally new to massage therapies.
  • Aromatherapy – A popular option for many today, the therapist makes of aromatic essential oils for the massage as well as the ambiance. It has many benefits such as relieving muscle tension, boosting overall mental states, reducing anxiety and depression, etc.

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  • Deep Tissue Massage – This is the right option for people who are suffering from chronic muscle pain and other similar issues. This involves applying more pressure and giving deep massages giving more relaxation and boosting muscle recovery at the same time.
  • Thai Massage – Also a very popular and common option when you are looking for massage in Goa, Thai massage involves working on the entire body with various sequences and motions. The muscles and the body parts are stretched and relaxed giving a lot of benefits such as improving blood circulation, relieving stress, improving flexibility, etc.
  • Hot stone and Ayurvedic Massage – This form of massages makes use of placing heated or cooled stones in different parts of your body and then massaging them. The practice is very old and can help you get very relaxed.

Apart from this, there are also many other types of therapies to choose from if you are looking for massage Parlour Goa. No matter what option you choose, all of them are proven to be beneficial to contributing to mental health, muscle health and recover as well as overall body health in the long run.

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The services offered are not too expensive today and can even be booked for home or office appointments at your own convenience. There is a huge rise in the number of applications dedicated to offer professional massage services at the tap of a button and can be booked according to your needs and time schedule. The therapists even carry their own equipment such as massage tables or mats. Therefore, taking some time out to compare the options available today can help you get a quick and effective massage in Goa at your own convenience.

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How Can a Relaxing Massage in Mumbai Benefit Your Health?

A good massage is really beneficial for the body, mind, and soul. Only a good massage therapist can give you the best experience. If you are planning to get a massage in Mumbai for the first time, the process of finding a therapist may be intimidating. Massage therapy is not restricted to any particular age group for even the kids are taking it. After a tiring and long day, a relaxing massage can help to de-stress and unwind. It is possible to get the health benefits only when you take a massage from a reliable and professional massage therapist.

Key benefits of taking a massage

  • Are you suffering from muscle pain and tautness? Muscle pain can be debilitating if nothing is done. To relieve muscular pain and tautness, you may get a relaxing massage. After the massage session, what one feels is calmness and relaxation. The constant circular movement and kneading target the deeper layers of the muscles. It is immensely beneficial for individuals recovering from an injury.

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  • If you are stressed for most of the times, it may wreak havoc on your immunity system. This may result in body infections and illnesses. To strengthen immunity system or to improve immunity, one may consider massage therapy. The one who excels in the kneading movement can help to activate the cytotoxic capacity in your body. If the body’s cytotoxic capacity is improved, the killer cells in the body will automatically fight out infection. This eliminates the T-cells in your body that allows the immunity system to function more efficiently. Then, a secretion of serotonin boosts your immunity system quite naturally
  • When you are hit by depression, only a massage therapist can help you to fight it. An elevated level of cortisol can lead to unhappiness, sadness, and depression. Only the massage therapy may curb depression and can control the level of cortisol. Indeed, it has the potential to reduce the level of cortisol by 50%.
  • Certain activities and aging can lead to tightened joints, limited range of motion and a lack of flexibility. Restricted joints might result in a limited range of motion and only a massage therapist can help. Massage therapy improves the range of motion while increasing flexibility and the comfort level. A professional masseur at Orange Spa can improve your range of motion by kneading the joint area, connective tissues, tendons, and the muscles. A person experiences much better fluidity in the joints following a massage session.

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Massage in Mumbai to benefit your skin

An improvement in the blood circulation may benefit your skin. The skin starts glowing following massage. This is all due to an extra flow of blood towards the region. The use of proper oil can benefit the skin while nourishing it totally. Some of the most beneficial oils to benefit the skin are jojoba oil, almond oil, Vitamin E oil, and primrose oil.

Choose a masseur according to the massage you are willing to get. Have a look at the kinds of massage that interest you. Try out different massage techniques and choose the one you prefer. A good and reliable masseur can fulfill all your health needs.

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What to Expect From Your First Professional Massage in Andheri

Professional Massage in Andheri

If you are one of those people who have heard about professional massage in Andheri but never actually got one, then this breakdown of the process is definitely for you. Getting familiar with the procedure will make your first massage experience smoother for you, as you would know what is happening and what to anticipate.

When visiting a massage spa or parlour for the first time, you will be greeted by receptionist, who will give you a menu card. This will have all the different types of massage listed, and you can choose one from these. If you are not sure which massage to go for, you can ask the masseuse for their recommendation.

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Once you have decided which massage you want to get, your massage therapist will escort you to a private room. There, the therapist will give you a changing robe and will leave the room. You will have a few minutes to remove your clothes and lie down on the massage table. Some types of massage require you to strip completely naked, while other massages allow you to stay in your underwear, so discuss this with your therapist. If you want privacy while being naked, there will be a towel that you can cover your privates with when lying on the table.

Once you have changed, the therapist will come in and ask you to relax. Depending on the type of massage in Andheri, they will ask you to either lay stomach-side-down or back-side-down. This is the time when you can ask the therapist what lubricant or oil they are going to use, and you can tell them the amount of pressure you want them to apply. If you have muscle tightness in specific areas of your body, do let your therapist know so that they can target those parts.

The therapist will now begin the massage slowly, first trying to relax all your body parts as well as your mind. Usually they start with softer hands, but you can ask them to increase the pressure whenever you like. The therapist will keep guiding you into different positions so that they can get better angle for manipulating your muscles, so just listen and follow. The massage, again depending on the type, will take anywhere between 30 to 50 minutes, so you can sleep if you want during the massage in Andheri.

After the massage is complete, the therapist will leave the room. You can now take a warm shower to wash off the massage oils, and then change into your clothes. Make sure you do not forget your belongings.

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It is now time to pay for the services. Come out into the reception area and pay the bill. It is also a common practice to tip your massage therapist, so that they will provide better service the next time you visit them. A 10-15% tip should be fine.

After the massage, you might experience some muscle soreness the next day. This is completely expected as the unused part of your muscles have been activated and the loosened knots are still sensitive. Get a massage in Andheri every month for best results.

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8 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Massage in Pune

8 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Massage in Pune

Getting a massage in Pune can be a great stress-buster as well as the best weekend activity you can choose. And a massage becomes even more fun when you do everything right. By putting in a little effort, you can get the most out of your massage by following the proper steps. Here are some tips that will help you get a great massage experience every single time you go to a spa.

Before the Massage

  1. Choose Your Massage Therapist Wisely

Even though it could be enticing, never go for extremely cheap massages, as they might not be professionals and you could end up with more sore than relaxed muscles. Search online, ask your friends for recommendations, or simply look around the city to find the perfect spa that can offer you the best massage within your budget. Also, remember that there are different types of massage, so choose your therapist accordingly.

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  1. Understand Your Body

Before going in for a rub down, it is better if you know which parts of your body need more work than others. Depending on your level of physical activity and fitness, some parts of your body are more likely to develop muscle knots than other parts. Massage therapists are professionally trained to find these nots, so do let your masseuse know what feels good and what doesn’t.

  1. Schedule Appointments Properly

Just walking into a spa to get a massage in Pune whenever you feel like is surely a pampering situation, but a planned visit to your therapist is often more rewarding. It’s better to schedule a massage appointment on weekends, Fridays or Saturdays, so that you can just relax the next few days without worrying about your workplace issues. When calling the massage parlor, do let them know if you want the therapist of a certain gender. It is also a wise practice to tell them beforehand about any particular pain you’re having so that they can recommend a massage accordingly

During the Massage

  1. Remember Your Etiquettes

It is a good idea to ask your massage therapist kindly to leave the room so that you can undress and get into your preferred undergarments; most professionals usually don’t need to be told and do not enter the massage room unless the client is ready. Also, if you prefer to get completely naked for a full massage experience, let your therapist know beforehand so that they can be comfortable. If you need to go to the washroom, do let the masseuse know politely.

  1. Enjoy the Massage

Once you are ready, just lie down on the table and change to whatever positions your therapist asks. Close your eyes and enjoy the relaxing massage. You could even dose off, and the therapist will take that as a compliment. Keep giving feedback to your therapist during the massage in Pune so that they know what feels good to you.

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After the Massage

  1. Hydrate and Eat

During the massage, your therapist will use oils (unless otherwise instructed by you) to detox your body. These oils can have a dehydrating effect on you. So, after the massage, drink a good amount of water to maintain proper hydration levels in your body. You might also be hungry after just lying on the massage table doing nothing, so eat something to maintain your blood sugar.

  1. Take a Shower

The massage oil on your body could get on your clothes and might stain them. So, take a nice, warm shower once your massage is finished. Most spas have shower rooms, so it isn’t much fuss. After the shower, you will feel even more relaxed and cleansed.

  1. Anticipate Soreness

Some soreness is expected after a massage, as your system gets flooded by lactic acid during the rubbing and pulling of your muscles. The soreness can easily be gotten rid of by drinking lots of water.

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Important benefits of a body massage in Mulund

Important Benefits of a Body Massage in Mulund
Important Benefits of a Body Massage in Mulund

A full body massage in Mulund is a true blessing. Massage is a well-known treatment for many kinds of ailments. It is also popular to relieve people from stress and anxiety. Even with so many benefits attached, massage remains a part of the lifestyle of the rich people. What people do not understand is that a proper massage at regular intervals can easily save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on medications or physiotherapists. Nowadays, people do not get enough time for self-care. This very seriously hampers the health and well being of the body. Stress is a major cause of body tissue breakdown, and this can be reversed with the help of a message. Our Massage Center in Mulund helps you gain all the benefits of massage with pocket-friendly prices.

Before going for a massage, an important question lies, i.e., what kind of a message is needed? Sometimes a quick massage can do the work, but many times a full body massage is necessary. It is quite often that the real cause of pain cannot be determined. In such cases, a full body massage can be the lifesaver.

There are many benefits of a massage:

Improvement of Blood Circulation

Regular blood flow to all the parts of the body is a must. This function determines that oxygen reaches every cell in the body as well as the toxins are removed. By getting a massage done through Twinkle Massage Center in Mulund, you can make sure that this vital function of your body is maintained. An appropriate amount of blood reaches your body parts all the time is your responsibility.

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Massage is an age-old technique to heal various kinds of issues of the body. Strained muscles can be relaxed through massage. Wear and tear of tissues due to excessive workload can be rectified with the help of a message. Not only correction but also relaxing the body muscles is a characteristic of a good massage. When the correct trigger points are identified and worked upon by a therapist, the body realizes pain often known as good pain, which signifies the relaxation of the muscles.

Correction of the posture

The lifestyles have changed because of the technology and ease of doing everything. Sedentary living in urban areas has proved to be very harmful to the body, especially the bones. Sitting for long hours in front of a laptop screen is a common task for people. But what we forget is this constant sitting changes our body postures permanently, and for the worse. Backbones are the most affected. But you can cure this by giving a visit to our message center in Mulund. Specific massage for the bones and muscles can reduce the impact of the wrong lifestyle on the bones.

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, massage has other advantages too. It basically recharges the body, beautifies it, detoxes the tissues and heals the inner muscles. Muscle aching and stiffness can be removed by just one or two full body massages. Reasonable pressure at the correct point on the body can have miraculous effects. You can get all this more, simply by visiting our professional therapists at our Twinkle Massage Center at Mulund.

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What Are The Benefits Of Geriatric Massage Therapy in Hyderabad

Benefits Of Geriatric Massage Therapy in Hyderabad

We are now living in a world where everyone is stuck with their hectic work pressure. And this has made us really selfish. We could hardly manage anytime to spend with the family members. In this scenario, we completely forget the older people of the family, and this is what makes them feel lonely, isolated and more. This causes mental and emotional stress in them which can affect their health and well-being adversely. But, massage therapy can help older people to come out from this situation. Massage or spa is very effective for elder people.  It helps the senior people to ease their pain and discomfort. Geriatric massage is one such very helpful massage designed especially for the elder people.

We have discussed here more about Geriatric massage and its benefits on the older people. So, keep reading.

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Geriatric Massage therapy:

This is a very fruitful massage therapy designed especially for the senior people. In this massage therapy, the therapists’ uses very flexible and gentle stroke and the main focus is put on the backside. Some light oil or lotion is used in the massage therapy. The main aim of this Geriatric massage therapy is to improve the blood circulation which improves cardiovascular health. Also, other issues like depression, immobility, muscle stiffness, arthritis pain, posture, etc. are improved. Massage center like Twinkle Massage Center in Hyderabad is very useful for elder people. So, you should visit the center at least once.

Benefits of Geriatric massage therapy:

Geriatric massage has a wide range of benefits on the older people health and those are listed out below.

  • It enhances the blood, and lymph circulation thus helps senior people stay active after the 80’s as well. The main reason why older people feel isolated and stressed out is their inactivity. But, a small 30-60 minutes session twice a week can take them back to the early days of their life.
  • This massage therapy works on the body inflammation and body stiffness also. So, all these issues are resolved through Geriatric massage therapy.
  • Depression, old age stress, anxiety, etc. is reduced through massage
  • Immunity power is reduced with ages. But, do you know that you can help your grandpa or grandma to enhance their immunity power through massage therapy? So, its good to send them to the spa center off and on to feel good and stay healthy.
  • Their posture is improved a lot through the right massage therapy like Geriatric.
  • Older people get back their physical and mental balance and can live the life to the fullest. Overall, Geriatric massage therapy is very helpful for the elder people that can offer them a quality life. And this improves their overall health.

These are just a few to mention. There are many more benefits of the Geriatric massage therapy on the senior people. And you can understand this only after receiving it. So, why not visit a massage center this weekend to make your day?

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