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8 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Massage in Pune

8 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Massage in Pune

Getting a massage in Pune can be a great stress-buster as well as the best weekend activity you can choose. And a massage becomes even more fun when you do everything right. By putting in a little effort, you can get the most out of your massage by following the proper steps. Here are some tips that will help you get a great massage experience every single time you go to a spa.

Before the Massage

  1. Choose Your Massage Therapist Wisely

Even though it could be enticing, never go for extremely cheap massages, as they might not be professionals and you could end up with more sore than relaxed muscles. Search online, ask your friends for recommendations, or simply look around the city to find the perfect spa that can offer you the best massage within your budget. Also, remember that there are different types of massage, so choose your therapist accordingly.

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  1. Understand Your Body

Before going in for a rub down, it is better if you know which parts of your body need more work than others. Depending on your level of physical activity and fitness, some parts of your body are more likely to develop muscle knots than other parts. Massage therapists are professionally trained to find these nots, so do let your masseuse know what feels good and what doesn’t.

  1. Schedule Appointments Properly

Just walking into a spa to get a massage in Pune whenever you feel like is surely a pampering situation, but a planned visit to your therapist is often more rewarding. It’s better to schedule a massage appointment on weekends, Fridays or Saturdays, so that you can just relax the next few days without worrying about your workplace issues. When calling the massage parlor, do let them know if you want the therapist of a certain gender. It is also a wise practice to tell them beforehand about any particular pain you’re having so that they can recommend a massage accordingly

During the Massage

  1. Remember Your Etiquettes

It is a good idea to ask your massage therapist kindly to leave the room so that you can undress and get into your preferred undergarments; most professionals usually don’t need to be told and do not enter the massage room unless the client is ready. Also, if you prefer to get completely naked for a full massage experience, let your therapist know beforehand so that they can be comfortable. If you need to go to the washroom, do let the masseuse know politely.

  1. Enjoy the Massage

Once you are ready, just lie down on the table and change to whatever positions your therapist asks. Close your eyes and enjoy the relaxing massage. You could even dose off, and the therapist will take that as a compliment. Keep giving feedback to your therapist during the massage in Pune so that they know what feels good to you.

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After the Massage

  1. Hydrate and Eat

During the massage, your therapist will use oils (unless otherwise instructed by you) to detox your body. These oils can have a dehydrating effect on you. So, after the massage, drink a good amount of water to maintain proper hydration levels in your body. You might also be hungry after just lying on the massage table doing nothing, so eat something to maintain your blood sugar.

  1. Take a Shower

The massage oil on your body could get on your clothes and might stain them. So, take a nice, warm shower once your massage is finished. Most spas have shower rooms, so it isn’t much fuss. After the shower, you will feel even more relaxed and cleansed.

  1. Anticipate Soreness

Some soreness is expected after a massage, as your system gets flooded by lactic acid during the rubbing and pulling of your muscles. The soreness can easily be gotten rid of by drinking lots of water.

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