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Massage in Andheri

Massage in Andheri

Welcome to Twinkle Massage Center. Whether you want to heal your body, relax your muscles or amuse yourself, we provide a one-door solution to all your needs. Since our start, we have been giving numerous massage therapies at our massage parlour in Andheri.

At Twinkle Massage Center, we have hired experts having widespread knowledge in the skill of conventional massages. This ensures the salubrious and soothing experience for our valuable customers.

Twinkle Massage Center has been precisely designed to provide the perfect environment that would produce instantaneous peace and calm in your body, once you enter our salon.

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Types Of Massage Service in Andheri East/West | Massage Center & Parlour in Andheri

Body Massage in Andheri

Customers can choose from a variety of massage therapies available at our Massage center in Andheri.

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1. Swedish Massage

Swedish is a multipurpose massage therapy. Its many benefits include comforting tension of muscles, improving circulation of blood and making the skin healthy.

2. Deep Tissue Massage

In Deep Tissue massage, a pressure is applied to the body targeted to reach the deepest muscle points to counter the tension, injuries or chronic pain within.

3. Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is carried out by applying hot oil on specific points of the body. It affects metabolism by enhancing blood circulation.

4. Back and Shoulder Massage

To heal back pain or neck pain, back, and shoulder massage therapy would be the best choice. It alleviates the tension in the neck and shoulders, relaxes the stiff muscles and eases the pain.

Other massage therapies that we provide are Thai, Swedish, Sports, Shiatsu and many more massage types.

Why Choose Twinkle Massage Center?

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We always welcome new clients and attempt to make our salon a little heaven for you. To get the maximum out of a therapeutic session, we can tailor your massage session as per your needs. The massage therapy sessions by our skilled therapists and masseuses will definitely make a difference in helping you heal your body and mind. We guarantee you after exceptional massage at our Andheri salon; you will continue coming back for more.

At Twinkle Spa Massage at Andheri, we proud ourselves to be one of the best massage parlours in Andheri. Our massage therapies are impeccably designed to alleviate your mind and body from stress, calm the nerves, and pamper you to the fullest. Massage caters every system of the body and gets rid of the discomfort that is present in the neck and shoulders. The pain caused due to daily work, sitting and everything your desk-job requires a calming experience provided by our therapies. It keeps the body fit; the mind reinvigorated and heals the stress points. Good massages provide relief to the nervous system, normalize the flow of blood, toughens bones, stimulate the lymphatic system, improve breathing and support the digestive system. The all-around benefits of massage are perfect. And we know we can provide that to your complete satisfaction.

Try our Massage at Andheri salon special massages and therapies, and we assure you that you will receive maximum benefit out of it. Our services are budget-friendly and worth your every rupee.

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