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These 9 Massage Tricks Will Make Everyone Love Your Massages

These 9 Massage Tricks Will Make Everyone Love Your Massages

After a difficult day at the workplace, what you want is a relaxing massage. Before the days of aspirin, whirlpools and the heating pads, people used massage to soothe the sore muscles to gain relief. Indeed, massage is the most natural way to soothe the tensed and tired muscles. It can rejuvenate the whole body and induce a good night sleep. Massage is a way to pamper the body, manage stress and to arouse passion among couples. If you want to give your partner a relaxing and enjoyable massage, then here I give you the ways and tricks to drive him/her crazy. In any reputed massage center in Hyderabad, these 9 massage tricks are followed by the professionals.

1. Swedish massage can work up the entire body

Let your partner go crazy with your tapping, kneading and gliding strokes all over the body. I bet it is a wonderful way to relieve sore muscles, muscular tension or loosen the sore joints. You may use 5 basic strokes of Swedish massage just to relax the whole body and soothe the senses. Some of the strokes are effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration. Petrissage is the gentle lifting of muscles while in friction the fingertips and thumbs work in a circular motion to break the muscle knots. Vibration is a technique whereby the fingers are placed firmly on the surface of the skin or on the muscle and then the region is shaken for 1-2 minutes. Tapotement, as the name suggests, is the gentle tapping strokes to relieve the sore muscles.

2. Sports massage technique to meet the needs of an athlete

Sports massage technique helps to train better. Here the technique of massaging is almost the same as Swedish massage in Hyderabad. A slight modification is done to suit the needs of an athlete.

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3. Deep tissue massage to relieve muscular tension

Deep tissue massage is another popular massage technique which mainly targets the muscular tension. Deep tissue massage involves applying direct pressure, slower strokes and friction moving over to the grain of muscles.

4. Rolfing to realign the body and correct the posture

Rolfing is a technique to re-educate the body regarding posture. If the body posture is poor, it might lead to a variety of problems like headache, backache and muscle ache. Rolfing can straighten and re-align the body. The 10 minutes of Rolfing session may improve the posture of the person.

5. Traeger to release the body’s holding position

It releases holding patterns in the body with a gentle and rocking massage. This sort of massage is very much different from the conventional Swedish massage as it employs light and gentle shaking strokes.

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6. Use aroma oils as they work wonders

When you massage the body, make sure you use aromatherapy oils for that work wonders. Your partner will feel great since the oil or lotion prevents friction between the body and your hand.

7. Use each and every part of your hand

Surprise your partner by using each and every part of your hand like the palms, the knuckles, the fingers and fingertips, the elbows. On the sensitive areas, you may use your fingertips while on the elbows use your stronger parts. Make massage interesting.

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8. Get feedback in between

Use the right strokes and apt pressure but don’t forget to ask for feedback. A massage center in Hyderabad aims to make the subject comfortable and so you should do the same.

9. Focus on the massage movements

When you give a massage, don’t think too much about the technique but rely on your instinct. Let this be the time or occasion of tenderness and give the best experience. Just glide your hands on the body and touch each and every inch of the skin.

The above tricks are followed in the best massage centers in Hyderabad I have visited. Female to male massage in Hyderabad is the finest way to give a unique and refreshing experience.

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