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Get A Glowing Skin With These Massage Therapy


Get A Glowing Skin With These Massage Therapy

When we talk about the word massage therapy, we normally refer to the body massage and head massage. But, you will be surprised to know that our face too is equally benefitted from good massage therapy. It does not matter whether you choose to do it yourself or you love to visit a spa center for that. The result is more or less the same. Good massage therapy on the face enhances blood circulation thus it reduces puffiness, aging lines, wrinkles and helps you achieve radiant, glowing skin with time. Massage in Pune is very effective for the face. So, you can try it once.

Here I have shared some tips on facial massage. So, read the article and then you will learn how to do the face massage at home.

Do it at Home Facial Massage

  • First wash your both hands properly with handwash to start off the facial massage therapy.
  • Now, tap all over your face once with all the fingers. This is just like a warm-up before the massage is started. It helps to enhance the effect of massage therapy.
  • Now, apply some moisturizer all over the face. Start with your forehead. Place all the fingers on the forehead and move them in a zigzag Also, stretch them in the opposite direction. It will break down the tensed muscle on the face and will help you feel relaxed. Now start moving your fingers in a circular motion in the forehead. It will again release the tensed muscle.

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  • Next, you need to pinch the eyebrows with two fingers. Do this several times. It will enhance blood flow in the forehead and will also help in eyebrows growth.
  • Now, move to the eyes. Place your fingers under eyes and move them in the U direction. It will enhance blood flow and will reduce the puffiness.
  • Come to the cheekbones then. Move the fingers in the upward direction few times. Next, place your fingers in the jawline and stretch them in the downward direction until the collarbone. It will remove all the facial toxins, reduce stress and help you feel relaxed. Repeat these steps twice and it will really work wonder for your face. Even I do it at home twice a week and I am in love with my face skin.

Facial Massage Therapy at Massage Center in Pune

In case you have sometime in the weekend then I will also suggest you visiting a massage center in Pune to receive a good facial massage therapy. They offer different kinds of massage therapy to treat different face issues. Here i have shared a list of that so that you can choose the one that your face need.

Lightening Facial: If you are not happy with the skin complexion and aiming to have a better complexion, go for this one.

Healing Facial: This facial is best for all those who have regular acne and breakouts.

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Hydrating Facial: It is great facial massage therapy for the dry skin.

Rejuvenating Facial: Best for oily skin.

Age-Defying Facial: This facial massage therapy is best for those having a premature aging spot.

All these massage therapies are available in the Massage centre in Pune. So, it’s worth visiting their centre once at the weekend.

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