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5 Best Foot Massage Techniques for Relaxation and Pain Relief

Best Foot Massage Techniques that relieve all your stress and pain : Our feet need to go through a lot of tear and wear all through the day. You may have stood up in a queue for almost 2 hours; you may have walked a long way to find out the right place or else you may have stood at the research lab for long. All these say that your feet need a rest at the end of the day. And this can be achieved by a good foot massage. You can always visit our spa in Hyderabad to receive a relaxing foot massage. But this is not a very tough job and you can do it at home as well.

Here I have listed some best foot massage techniques. So, have a read and try to apply those to feel relaxed at the end of the day.

5 Best Foot Massage Techniques

1. Sweeping and Rubbing

It’s like a warm-up process in the foot massage technique. By rubbing and sweeping you can enhance the circulation process in the foot. This is very simple. First, hold your feet with one hand and then start massaging the foot surface with another hand. Move in one direction, do it for a few times and then change the direction to create a continuous flow. Do these technique several times and your foot will get warmed up automatically.

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2. Toe Rotation

Rotation of toes is another helpful way of toe massage. What you need to do is rotate each of the toe one by one in the opposite direction. You can also pull the toes individually in the upward direction. Another way of toe massage is to grasp them all together in one hand, pull upward and squeeze them slightly. It offers great relaxation.

3. Thumb Walking

Thumb walking is a very useful technique that provides you with great comfort. And you can feel it instantly. You need to use two thumbs together. Just alternately make your thumb walk along the side of each foot. You can also slide the thumb from top to bottom of each foot. You can actually feel that there is a tendon running through the sides of the foot.

4. Kneading

This is nothing but the uses of fist knuckles at the sole of each foot. Just like pressing dough, you have to do it. But, the foot sole is not that soft, so the pressure should be bearable. Use the fist knuckles to press the joint in the foot sole and then keep moving them in the forward and backward direction.

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5. Cupping

This is a very simple foot massage technique where you need to just cup the foot and then squeeze it with exact pressure. It relieves all the pain from the sole of your foot.

So, these are the 5 best foot massage technique that you can try at home. However, for more techniques, you can visit our Massage center in Hyderabad. We have several foot massage experts who will guide you the best way. A great foot massage at the end of the day relieves all the pain and tension. So, it is really needed.

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