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Massage in Vashi

Massage in Vashi

If you are new to getting professional massage in Vashi, you will be curious after knowing that there are several different types of massage that are available in spas and massage parlours nowadays.

5 Types of Massage in Vashi You Should Know About

Body Massage in Vashi

Every massage has its own special benefits, so it is up to you to choose the right one.

1. Swedish Massage: Focused mainly on relaxation, this is the most common kind of massage you will get. When people think of massage, they think of this, not knowing that it is called Swedish massage. It involves using circular motions, kneads, and long, gliding strokes to ease muscle tension. It can be made even more soothing by adding Aromatherapy. Swedish massage also helps in boosting blood circulation and is great for people looking to ease tension in their shoulders and back.

2. Shiatsu Massage: In case you haven’t guessed by its name yet, Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage style that uses Chinese medicine to get rid of the blockages that hinder the free flow of Qi (positive body energy). Therapists use their knees, elbows, and feet to work the tension out from the joints, limbs, and back. This type of massage in Vashi releases stress effectively and increases the production of oxytocin. Try it if you want to get introduced to the Eastern way of massaging.

3. Sports Massage: As the name suggests, this style of massage is meant for athletes or individuals involved in serious sports activities. It is basically a different take on Swedish massage aimed at resolving aches that are caused by repetitive motion. This massage helps you to recover faster from muscle injury and soreness. It also improves the range of motion and keeps your body in an idea condition for better performance in physically intensive activities.

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4. Hot Stone Massage: If you like warm or slightly hot sensations and are suffering from muscle knots that are difficult to loosen, this massage in Vashi is highly recommended for you. True to its name, this massage works out the stubborn knots by using basalt stones. These stones are heated at a comfortable temperature and placed on the back to decrease the tightness in sore muscles. This technique provides more relief than any other massages where only the therapist’s hands are doing all the work. The therapeutic heat also helps in improving the overall blood flow.

5. Couple’s Massage: Massage doesn’t always have to be a lonely activity; you can choose to share the relaxing experience with your better half for a more interesting time. A couple’s massage is basically for massaging two people in the same room side-by-side by two different therapists. Mostly, Swedish massage is the default option, though you can request a different type of massage for yourself or your partner. Also, a couple’s massage doesn’t always have to be a romantic massage with your girlfriend. It can also be a great way to bond with your friend or any other family member.

The choice of massage is completely yours. But if you are having difficulty in choose which massage to get, you should discuss it with your therapist who can recommend a massage depending on your physical and mental condition.

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