Massage in Thane

Massage in Thane

Body massage has been practiced since the ancient times. Its benefits are unbelievable shows effect almost instantly. The different techniques to manipulate tissues of the body help in relaxing. Body massage is especially helpful in relieving pain caused by wrong postures, stiff muscles, overused muscles or other chronic pain. Damaged adhesions which scar the tissues cause even more damage to nerves. These types of body pain can be addresses through massage. If you are looking to get a massage in Thane, you can visit our spa in Thane.

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Here are some special massages that we offer at our Massage parlour in Thane

  1. Deep Tissue Massage:
    Deep tissue massage is one of the best ways to alleviate body pain. The therapist will work their way into every sore muscle and help in releasing the scar tissue. This also helps in relaxing the knotted muscles which are the main cause of upper back pain, shoulders and neck pain. Our massage parlour in Thane has skilled therapists who effectively perform deep tissue massage.
  2. Swedish Massage:
    Swedish massage uses different moves to release the cramped and tensed muscles in your body. The techniques that our therapists use in our massage center in Thane are as follows:
    Petrissage – Therapist uses kneading and rolling techniques. The pressure applied on the body depends on the level of sensitivity of the client. They begin with light movements and gradually increase the pressure.
    Friction – Specific parts of the body where the client experiences more pain is targeted to release the tension in the muscles.
    Effleurage – Here the therapist uses long sweeping strokes on the muscles. They usually begin and end their massage session with this technique.
    Tapotement – This technique uses light drumming or tapping on the body. The speed and pressure may vary according to the comfort of the client.
  3. Myofascial Release:
    You can get this body massage in Thane at our parlour and relieve yourself of all your aching muscles. This massage targets the trigger points in the fascia (a sheet of connective tissue under the skin which separates the muscles from the other organs of the body). The therapist uses gentle massage strokes on your body to locate tightness in fascia or any tension spots on it. Fascia is quite flexible but when it is tight or tensed then it leads to muscle pain. The therapist slowly increases the pressure in the strokes applied to loosen the fascia. Essential oils such as chamomile and rosemary have the ability to reduce muscle spasms, tension, and inflammation in the body. Therapists are our massage parlour in Thane combine the properties of oils and their strokes to help you rid of all your body pain.
  4. Trigger Point Massage:
    Another type of body massage in Thane at our parlour for relieving body pain is the trigger point massage. Trigger points are tight or stiff areas that are identified by the therapists and then massaged to loosen them. This massage may not necessarily be done on the entire body. The client may choose to get it done only on the affected area. Chronic muscle pains and migraines experienced because of this pain are healed with this massage.

You can also visit our massage center in Mumbai to book a refreshing and beneficial body massage for you.

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